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Mid Summer Musings

We have entered August and I have seen postings and heard comments frequently about "how many days until Christmas", "can't wait for fall weather" and of course the ever popular "it's the first of August and summer is over". Well, I'm over all this negativity. Honestly people, the first of August is not even the midpoint of the astrological season, it technically is today, August 7!

Now that this little piece of annoyance is off my brain, I am making a promise to the 3 people who currently follow me, and that is there will be no less than 2 posts a month to this blog, one the first half of each calendar month and one the second, beginning August 2023. Why am I writing this, so that you may hold me accountable. This was a dream of mine to write and express feelings and one offering every 6 months simply isn't going to achieve this.

This is a 2 day work week for me, we are going to the wilds of North Dakota to see family later this week. So far today I have scheduled interviews for the second half of this week, called references, written leave paperwork, made several lists, fixed some data entry, entered donations, covered for the receptionist unexpectedly, eaten half of my lunch, and requested a vacation for March 2024! I feel accomplished while also feeling like something is lacking. My desk looks like a bomb went off, so I must be making progress.

Why are is there so much to do before taking some time off? Of course, I haven't made it easy on myself by taking a few days away, then coming home to 4 events (in 11 days) at Tanglewood, mix in a large celebration event at home (with out of town guests), to relax for a few days at the cape 4 days after the last concert, and capping a 6 weeks of crazy with a community event 2 weeks after we return from our second "trip". At work during this time we will be hiring for several (2 new) positions, having part 1 and possibly 2 of our audit, working off-site with 6 community fundraising walks throughout the county, and preparing for annual appeal and our huge holiday project.

While I'm on the subject of work, I never thought my favorite things to receive would be 15 oz bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and womens underwear. A close second would be laundry and cleaning products. These items I can't keep enough of, and of course these are all relatively expensive and cannot be purchased with food stamps or other programs like WIC. Life is so difficult for so many, and being clean is so important for mental and physical health.

I guess these are enough musings for one day. I will let you all know how the trip went next time. Thanks for reading

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RayeLin Merry
RayeLin Merry
Aug 08, 2023

I absolutely savor reading your contemplations! I also love Donna's reply it makes me laugh : ) aren't we all in the same boat. I feel happy summer is "just starting" in my opinion, with all the rain we had I say let's enjoy summer now.!

This is definitely a bright spot to my day.!

Aug 08, 2023
Replying to

Can’t wait to see you at end of August! 💞


Aug 07, 2023

Oh my goodness, how am I to help hold you accountable when I cannot even do it for myself?!?!

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